By Stella Robison

Most Australians have good recycling intentions. Ninety percent of us believe recycling is the right thing to do. Even with our thirty years of kerbside recycling experience, a recent Sydney Morning Herald report uncovered that “the most common recycling mistake made by Australians is throwing soft plastics such as bread bags, into the kerbside recycling bin”. It appears that there are some tricky items that we might not know how to recycle. 

For National Recycling Week (November 12-17) Planet Ark has developed 6 Golden Rules for Kerbsite Recycling to make it easier for you to reduce waste and recycle right. Find out more about recycling or check out the Get Rid of it Right website and watch their fun videos.

If in doubt, check the FREE Inner West Council Your Waste app that has just been launched to search a tricky waste item and find the best way to dispose/recycle it. This app can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play. 

The Green Living Centre would like to help you on your journey to less waste, we’ve put together a demo, check it our and let us know your opinion in our Facebook page