Past Programs

The Green Living Centre works with the community to create programs that are easy to engage with and have real life impact. Over the years we have developed a broad range of programs. Do you have an idea for a local program? Let us know.

Urban Sustainability Workshop Series

This series won an award for its method and was the foundation for the Green Living Centre’s current workshops series. This free, high quality, hands-on learning built people’s skills and knowledge in organic seasonal food growing, composting and worm farming and natural cleaning and babycare. The workshop series also gave volunteers an opportunity to train as accredited facilitators. Many became sustainability professionals.

Solar Assessments

Solar Assessments were a bespoke 45 minute consultation for local residents to discuss the solar potential of their property. It was a chance to speak one-on-one with an independent expert about whether solar and/or a battery would be right for your home.

Bike Library

The bike library was a well-loved community service that provided a range of “non standard” bikes free of charge for bike library members’ use. It was developed at a time when electric bikes and cargo bikes were fairly new, and offered people the chance to borrow one for a few days, to try a new type or get a job done.

Sustainable Business Leaders Program

The Leaders program helped local businesses measure their carbon footprint and reduce their emissions. Young Henrys led the charge of iconic local businesses involved, including Black Star Pastry, the Gretz, Fleetwood Macchiato, the Golden Barley and Feather and Bone.

Large-scale Worm Farming

We love practical innovative solutions that capture people’s imaginations. The giant worm farm concept transformed a commercial garbage bin into a giant worm farm. We trialled them in partnership with a Newtown restaurant, Soffritto, and apartment block, Motto. We also kept one at the King Street shopfront until 2016, collecting local shops’ fruit and vege scraps.

Drop-off Recycling Stations

Many community members used to drop their recycling into the Green Living Centre shopfront. The Green Living Centre no longer takes batteries, printer cartridges and corks but there are many other local places to deliver your hard to recycle items. Please visit Inner West Council Waste and Recycling for a full range of options.

Contact Us

If you want to find out more about our past projects or to initiate a program with us please visit the contact page.