Fashion Revolution Week is all about uniting for seven days of action to achieve change in the global clothing industry. Formed in the wake of the Rana Plaza collapse which killed more than 1124 workers in Bangladesh a decade ago, Fashion Revolution is now the world’s largest fashion activism movement.

Its dream is to raise awareness and transform the global fashion industry’s ethical and social impacts, which are felt by the workers who make the clothes. Fashion Revolution proposes a new vision for a fashion industry that conserves, respects, and celebrates life.

This year’s theme is Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution. This is a sort of a petition that lists 10 critical standard-setting ideals for the fashion industry of the future. These set benchmarks spanning a range of issues from sustainability to cultural respect, diversity and human rights. Your signature alone can make a huge difference in revolutionising the fashion industry!

Spread the word: Fashion Revolution provides a host of free, downloadable resources on their website like this poster design (right).

But how else can we get involved?

Shop and Don’t Drop (Your Standards) 

Other than providing your signature, the easiest way to support this manifesto is: How and where we shop. Reunion in Newtown, a place where you can sell and buy clothes, is a great example of an ethical and sustainable enterprise. Going second hand is the way to go, and the Inner West hosts great variety of quality outlets, from vintage apparel at places like Uturn to hidden gems at Vinnies. Otherwise, using something like the Ethical Fashion Guide can help inform your choices.  

Looking for a leg-up?

Dress for Success Sydney is a not-for-profit, registered charity that improves the employability of disadvantaged women in NSW. It provides, free of charge, professional clothing, a network of support, coaching and career development tools to help women achieve self-sufficiency, including transgender and non-binary people comfortable in women’s spaces.

Also, keep an eye out for community events, markets and co-ops for opportunities to trade, give back and snatch-up some hidden gems. For instance, coming up on 30 April there is a Clothing (+ toys and books) swap by Australian Parents for Climate Action at Herb Greedy Hall, Marrickville

Finally, even if you don’t plan on buying or selling clothes anytime soon, there are still easy ways you can help be a part of positive change, like following tips from organisations like Cleanup Australia, or learning more by watching an excellent webinar by Earth Day, or one of our own at the Green Living Centre.