Would you like to help create a more comfortable, healthier home for your family? Want to promote clean energy? Then you’ll want to start thinking about electrifying your home.  

Here in the Inner West, we have access to the cheapest delivered electricity in the world – our rooftop solar. As a nation, we have the current (no pun intended) highest average solar capacity at more than 1kW per capita. That’s about what it takes to run some fridges for an entire day!  

While this is impressive, there is still huge potential for growth. Presently, about 30% of homes have rooftop solar panels installed, and we only use around 11% of the solar power we generate. 

Cheaper and cleaner: on average, an all-electric home running on renewable energy is nearly a third of the cost of a gas and petrol home (from Rewiring Australia)

Even if you don’t have solar panels, 53% of electricity generation capacity in NSW comes from renewable sources, and this is increasing every year. Running your home on all electric power is the best option for our future. We could, and should, lead the world in electrifying homes

But where to get started? Let’s look at the most significant steps you can take to make your home all-electric:  

  • Book into one of our free energy efficiency consultations with specialist energy consultant who will offer a review of your energy bills and tailored advice. 
  • Switch to GreenPower ,an Australian Government scheme where your chosen electricity retailer sources a set amount of power from accredited renewable sources.  
  • Change to a heat pump for your hot water: one of the most effective appliances to electrify, you can use your solar to run this device, and reduce year-round energy requirements for hot water by 50%.  
  • Change to Reverse cycle air conditioning for heating and cooling 
  • Upgrade to electric induction cooking: heat food rapidly while leaving the surrounding surfaces cool to touch. Breathe cleaner air and help the environment at the same time.  
  • Try out a portable induction cooking stove at home for free by borrowing one from the Green Living Centre. This program is coming soon, so please register your interest by emailing us at education@greenlivingcentre.com.au  
  • Move to electric transport (cars and bikes): cheaper to run, lower maintenance and no pollution (air and noise). Use the Plugshare Australia map to find electric vehicle charging points near you.  
  • Install solar: Solar systems can pay for themselves within three to five years (without batteries). Use SunSPOT to instantly find a suitably sized system for your home. 
  • Reduce the amount of electricity you use  
  • Borrow a thermal imaging camera to identify where you may have gaps that reduces the effectiveness of your warming and cooling  
  • Read The Big Switch (Saul Griffiths)