Making a sustainable difference in their community

In September of this year, a group of twenty passionate individuals from the Inner West Community began the Community Leaders in Sustainability Course.  They entered the learning space at Petersham Inner Council Service Centre eager to share ideas and be inspired by others.  In the ten weeks that followed they all looked forward to their Tuesday night classes where they got the opportunity to chat and connect with their fellow sustainably-minded people whilst developing their local environment project. The course covered project planning, collaboration, group dynamics, speed dating experts from the sustainability & community sectors, field trips to Whites Creek Valley Park, Wilkins Green and Addison Road Community Centre.  The participants connected to the natural world thanks to the Nature Connection and collaborated to come up with projects that hope to serve their local  Inner West community environment. Here is a list of groups that presented their projects at the graduation evening.  Check them out on social media/website and show your support!
  • Green Renter – makes finding environmentally friendly housing easier
  • Dog Poo Waste Trial – aims to run a trial of dog poo composting going to avoid the poo & plastic bags going to landfill
  • Hive Mind – connecting people to repair anything and everything through skill sharing
  • Wilkins Green Compost – aims to expand scope of composting beyond the school community
  • Share Waste – app to match business’ food waste to resident composters
  • Wear Aware – raises awareness of the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion and encourage people to reconsider their wardrobe, ultimately buying less and buying better.
  • Herbs to Kerb – growing edibles on the verge in the street
  • Reuse Coffee Cups – raising awareness of the impact of disposable coffee cup use
  • Native Bee Project – promoting the importance of bees in urban biodiversity
Community Leaders in Sustainability graduation

Community Leaders in Sustainability participant celebrating her graduation